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Milano Jewelry Week Here I Go!

Image from Artistar - Youtube

After a few crazy hectic and busy weeks, I was finally able to get my material ready to join this year's Milano Jewelry Week on The Jewelry Drops exhibition! Of course this wouldn´t have been possible without the help of Houdini FX Artist, Felipe Amaya (My beloved husband).

On the almost 4 min video, you'll be able to see the collaboration shorts from pieces on the Aura, Alive and Balance collections, along with insights to my process from ideation to fabrication. I'm so glad Felipe and I finally got to collaborate on the art field and fall in love all over again, hahaha.

If you happen to be around, please come on by! I would love to know your thoughts, and to see what everything looks like from a different set of eyes.


Palazzo dei Giureconsulti – First Floor – Piazza del Mercanti 2

October 20 to 23

10:00 AM – 7:00 PM GMT+2

Image from Milano da Vedere.

The Exhibition is dedicated to jewelry in all its shapes with the participation of international artists and designers who can show the physical pieces but also virtual presentations of their creations, making the area dynamic and original. In Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, over 500 jewels are exhibited in elegant display cases, mainly unique pieces or small series, made with different materials: not only gold and precious stones but also unusual metals and recycled products. Besides the display cases, numerous monitors share the stories of the exhibitors, the designs and processes of the jewels displayed. In this way, visitors can better understand not only the material value of the creations but also the emotional component and the research present in each piece.

Excerpt from Milano Jewelry Week website.

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