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Milano Jewelry Week and My Amazing Friend, Gillian.

Milano Jewelry Week 2022 started on Oct 20th and ran until today, Oct 22nd. I had been wondering what my exhibition looked like and didn´t really know how to get some footage from the actual screening of my exhibition... but I just have the most amazing friends.

My phone buzzed a couple of minutes ago and it was bombarded with videos from my dear friend and colleague, Gillian Karatasos, who was also participating with her brand Gillian Trask! (Go check it out!) Now thanks to G I don´t have to wonder anymore!

It warms my heart to know that I didn´t even have to ask for this. G just wanted to do it. That is the kind of people that I want to see in the world, supportive, thoughtful, amazing... So yeah, this post is basically a love letter to Gillian, hahaha. Love you G, keep up the good work, queen! Thanks for everything you do, always.

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