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Cosmic Chaos

In moments of helplessness, introspective and quietness contributed, little by little, strength to thrive and continue with my life. I became more aware that We are all our cosmos. Although chaotic at times, we remain to have some order and reorganize as necessary to keep balance. 


For this piece, I looked for inspiration in my inner chaotic cosmos, arranging an entropic beaded composition, over the systematic woven wire construction. I used the repetition of small elements to create a complex and compacted arrangement. With this creation, I wanted to explore feeling in control and finding the beauty witting me, even in the moments of chaos.



From the exploration of different ways to approach Minimal, I found that something they have in common is the sensation of space and all that comes with it, self-consciousness, interaction, and echo. With this piece, I am evoking these senses in the person that wears it. Being able to hear themselves louder than usual and maybe even feel overwhelmed by their own voice.


To attain these concepts I used shapes inspired by parabolas that can reflect sound effectively. For the aspect of it, I wanted to insinuate the texture of sculptures and also galleries’ walls.



Jewelry is for the body, that is a given, but can We propose pieces that are inspired by the body? Not just to be put on top of it? In this opportunity, I have decided to create a necklace that is not only meant to be seen but also touched and smelled. 

The textures become key to convey the message. With aromatic beads and reading "Just feel it" in Braille, this necklace piece invites its wearer to relax and become attuned with their senses.

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